Sustainable Dining Initiative with Eco-Friendly To-Go Packaging

We care about the food we prepare and how we serve it!  Downtown Dempsey’s is a family-owned business committed to quality products, and that includes the packaging in which our food is served.

With this commitment to eco-friendly practices, Downtown Dempsey’s is helping to reduce the impact our own restaurant could have on the Earth. 

Did you know proper recyclable separation is key?

Cross-contamination risks exist with recycling. The sorting bins you see are important for recycling because you cannot combine food products with cardboard or plastic, and then recycle. 

We also use paper straws instead of the traditional plastic ones. 

Even small eco-friendly practices can ultimately improve the health of not only the environment, but the overall health of customers. 


What is Eco-Friendly Packaging?

The packaging we use for your quality food is eco-friendly. The plant-based compostable foodservice packaging emits less carbon during the manufacturing process than most plastics.

Renewable resources such as trees, corn and sugar are eco-friendly after use also. Most items are completely compostable with food waste.

When you order food from Downtown Dempsey’s, the box, bag, or cup doesn’t need to be washed and sanitized to remove all food particles to recycle it. Since it is made from plants, it composts along with the food particles.

Here’s a way you can help and become a part of our Sustainable Dining Initiative

To reduce the consumption of single-use items, Downtown Dempsey’s offers the following promotion:  Buy 10 “to go” coffees/cappuccinos, get a FREE Downtown Dempsey’s thermos.

Every “to go” coffee/cappuccino purchased with the thermos is discounted 50 cents.

They are also great to take water on the go without water bottle waste!

Did you know our water is completely filtered and clear? Thanks to Sieler’s Water Systems!