Made-From-Scratch Specialty Gourmet Pizzas

Secret Recipes

Some of our recipes are more than 40 years old!

But, we’re not giving out all our secrets, you’ll need to come and try our lunch items and savor the homemade ingredients.

Our pizzas have character – they are hand-tossed, thinner crust, not always perfectly shaped, but always tasty! Our homemade dough and homemade sauce make a difference in the flavor. We’re sure you will find a favorite here!

Taco Pizza

We’ve been told that our Gourmet Taco Pizza is some of the best around!

Starting with our homemade crust, we carefully layer the ingredients to build your Taco Pizza with love!

We cut the vegetables by hand so the lettuce isn’t wilting and the tomatoes are still vibrant and full of flavor.

Worth the Wait

While we don’t have many pizza ovens, they do a pretty good job of keeping up with pizza orders.

Downtown Dempsey’s is a small, relaxing place to eat. You may wait a few extra minutes for a pizza if we’re really busy, but we promise it will be well worth the wait! 

Enjoy and savor the Taste!

We offer 10 Gourmet Pizza varieties! Or have it your way with a combination of any of our over 20 toppings. 

Need a different crust? We have a gluten-free cauliflower crust or flat bread as well.