Breakfast at Downtown Dempsey’s

Breakfast is an interesting time of day – you’re either in a rush to get somewhere and need something to grab ‘n go; or you have a few extra moments to sit down, plan the day, and enjoy a good eat or a sweet treat. We’re here for you!

Visit Downtown Dempsey’s for a variety of sweet treats from our display case to get your day started!

Need a hearty, fresh breakfast? We have that too! Order a Breakfast Piadina Wrap, or a Breakfast Pizza! 

It’s better to enjoy your breakfast order with a cup of coffee, cappuccino, tea, water, or your even your choice from Coke products. 

Cinnamon Roll

You’ll love our Cinnamon Rolls – large, warm, and covered (not drizzled) with cream cheese icing!


This is the breakfast item that encourages you to sit down and savor every bite!

Have a cup of our coffee or cappuccino with it, and you’re ready to start the day.